Specialty Lubricants

THERMO-GELTM TG600AW Advanced Lubrication - Made For Conditions of High Shear & Temperatures

Made with synthetic oils and fortified with advanced additives, Kem-A-TrixTM Thermo-Gel TG600AW is designed to perform reliably under conditions of high shear and pressure, combined with temperature extremes as low as 0ºF (-18ºC) and up to 600ºF (315ºC). It offers worry-free durable performance, aggressively reduces friction, does not drip and provides anti-corrosive and anti-oxidative protection as it works.


Exceptional Performance Characteristics


  • Offers unsurpassed stability under conditions of high shear and pressure, combined with temperature extremes as low as 0ºF (-18ºC) and up to 600ºF (315ºC).
  • Advanced formulation provides long-lasting worry-free performance and will not drip, melt, smoke, carbonize, separate or leave behind abrasive residues.
  • Provides excellent water shedding properties and aggressively resists wash-off when flushed with water, steam, acid wash or detergents. A perfect source of protection under food plant conditions.
  • TG600AW is chemically inert and formulated without graphite or Moly (MoS2). Most compatible with applications in food plants.

Cost-Effective & Extended-Life Bearing Protection


  • Designed for long-lasting protection under severe conditions. On average lasts up to 10 times that of conventional greases.
  • Unsurpassed ability to cling on to protected parts. Extends productive life of equipment and cuts maintenance costs.
  • Formulated as an advanced lubricant in general use for critical plant operations and most compatible in bearing protection.
  • Special additives offereffective protection against oxidation and corrosion. Maximizes equipment productive life.
  • Formulated to repel foreign contaminants found under most plant conditions, including dirt, dust and sandy particles, thus maximizing protection and cost-effectiveness.


Product Applications


Thermo-Gel TG600AW has a long history of successful uses in bearings and general plant lubrication in the food processing, textile and pulp & paper industries, where temperature and load conditions demand the use of a high performance gel lubricant. It has also provided exceptional value protecting parts in high temperature ovens, freezers, sprockets, lifting and transport equipment, gears, chains and applications where conditions are generally wet and exposed to chemical presence.


Package Sizes:

Cartridges in 14 oz. or 400 grams
  Buckets in 25 lbs. or 50 lbs.
  Barrels in 120 lbs. or 400 lbs.

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