Specialty Lubricants

High-Performance Lubricants

Kem-A-TrixTM offers a large selection of high-performance lubricants to deal with difficult operating conditions of extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), frequent and abrupt temperature changes, high shear, high loading, frequent wash-downs, frequent exposure to chemicals, compatibility to food manufacturing environment, resistance to corrosion and so on. Manufacturing plants today demand higher production speeds, greater throughput and higher productive yields; all these aggravate working conditions. At the same time, to become and stay competitive, plants must also pay attention to downtime and reduce capital, plant and maintenance costs. Conventional greases and oils are simply not made to cope with extreme operating conditions and, more and more, plant and maintenance managers are choosing to work with high-performance lubricants to optimize control over downtime and benefit from significant savings in asset replacement, maintenance material and labour costs.