Specialty Lubricants

Kem-A-TrixTM 2432 Bearing Gel

Made with synthetic oils and fortified with many advanced additives, Kem-A-TrixTM 2432 Bearing Gel is designed to last and perform reliably under temperature extremes as low as -40ºF (-40ºC) and up to 750ºF (399ºC). It offers exceptional performance in thermal and oxidative stability.


Exceptional Performance Characteristics


  • Offers unsurpassed stability under temperature extremes as low as -40ºF (-40ºC) and up to 750ºF (399ºC).
  • Advanced formulation permits fluid mobility under very low operating temperatures. Exceptional performance for cold starts and frequent stop-start cycles.
  • Special additives offer effective protection against oxidation and premature bearing wear.
  • Provides excellent water shedding properties without compromising wear protection. Meets demulsibility standards of the US Steel #224 specifications. This maximizes lubricant performance under wet conditions.
  • Resists corrosion and rust formation. Meets standards under ASTM D-665 Rust Test using distilled and synthetic seawater.

Cost-Effective & Extended-Life Bearing Protection


  • Does not melt, run, carbonize, separate, drip, or leave behind abrasive residues. Extends bearing and machinery service life.
  • Unsurpassed gel integrity provides excellent resistance to degradation due to high-shear, high load, extreme-temperatures and stands up to wash-downs. Clings to protect idle parts. This permits extended re-lubrication schedules without added risk.
  • Provides effective resistance to most chemicals. Extends bearing and machinery service life.
  • Formulated to repel foreign contaminants found under most plant conditions, including dirt, dust and sandy particles, thus adding to bearing protection and cost-effectiveness.


Product Applications.


Kem-A-TrixTM 2432 Bearing Gel has a long history of successful uses in bearings, where temperature and load conditions demand the use of a high performance gel lubricant. It has also provided exceptional value protecting parts in high temperature ovens, freezers, sprockets, lifting and transport equipment, gears, chains and applications with significant water and chemical presence.


Package Sizes:

Cartridges in 14 oz. or 400 grams
  Buckets in 25 lbs. or 50 lbs.
  Barrels in 120 lbs. or 400 lbs.

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