Welcome to Kem-A-TrixTM

Kem-A-TrixTM is a 30-year old manufacturer of high-performance lubricants and new-generation shaft sealing systems for pumps, valves and agitators. Our specialty is the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions for everyday industrial plant and maintenance problems.


Kem-A-TrixTM opened for business in 1980 with its early version of the IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal, developed to control shaft seal leakage in pumps, valves and agitators. This led to more elaborate developments in our IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal lineup. In 1983, Kem-A-TrixTM (Lubricants) Inc. recognized the need for high performance gels and oils that could cope with extreme operating conditions, optimize control over downtime, and enhance machinery performance. Our vision led to the development of a wide range of advanced specialty lubricants, that include formulations certified under USDA H1 for use with incidental food contact.


Kem-A-TrixTM also offers custom formulations to solve specific lubrication and shaft seal problems.


Kem-A-TrixTM has always been guided and driven by the principle of innovation, superior quality and a high level of customer service second to none in the industry.


Please visit the pages on our Specialty Lubricants or IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal for more information. Or Contact Us and let us help find that solution to your lubrication and sealing problem.