Injectable Fluid Seal

Product Description - Injectable Fluid Seal

Kem-A-Trix IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal provides a simple and cost-effective solution to managing pump, valve and agitator seal leakage problems … without the hassle and without the downtime ….ever! IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal is engineered from a blend of synthetic colloidal fibers, impregnated with special blends of premium lubricants, selected to perform under elevated temperatures and pressures. Once installed, IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal forms an effective lubricated seal and gently hugs the shaft without added compression, abrasion or wear. This ensures the lowest running temperature possible and eliminates the need for cooling or flush water along with its downstream treatment and expense. If a leak develops, one simply tops up to restore the seal, all done on-line.




Exceptional Design Characteristics


  • Permanent replacement for braided packing and mechanical seals. Superior sealing performance, self-lubricating, easy to install and use, without the inconvenience and downtime.
  • Designed to perform with rotating, reciprocating or centrifugal shafts.
  • Easy to maintain seal effectiveness - use the IFSTM Injector Loader to top up on-line without interrupting pump operation or production.
  • Engineered to perform under conditions of up to 3600 RPM, pH range of 0 - 14, temperature range of 0oF - 500oF and pressure range of 200 - 1,050 psi.
  • IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal will not increase stress or scoring in use.

Cost-Effective And Easy To Use.


  • The IFSTM product series offers significant capital cost advantage over mechanical seals and their maintenance parts.
  • Against all conventional seal systems, IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal offers significant economies in reduced downtime, simplified and lower cost parts inventory, eliminated flush and cooling water, reduced energy consumption (up to 50%), simplified maintenance scheduling and reduced labor.
  • Within reason, IFSTM Injectable Fluid Seal. will mold into previously worn and scored surfaces, restoring seal effectiveness and delay part repair or replacement.
  • Provides effective resistance to most chemicals.

Refer to IFSTM Family of Sealing Compounds