Specialty Lubricants

Usage Instructions

  1. Clean or replace bearings. Before applying FAHRENHEITTM Bearing Gel lubricant, thoroughly clean the bearings to remove traces of used conventional greases, to avoid any compatibility problems. Even new bearings should be cleaned of any slush, oils or lubricants and the cleaning solvents allowed to completely evaporate before applying FAHRENHEITTM Bearing Gel.
  2. Do not overfill bearing. Pack rolling elements as with conventional greases but fill only to about one-third full. Overfilling can cause failure due to over-heating and wear.
  3. Allow machinery to run to operating temperature. FAHRENHEITTM Bearing Gel will remain a clean translucent amber to 250ºF (121ºC), above which it changes to a light brown color and develops a sticky consistency ensuring it would not melt, drip or run out, under conditions of high temperature, high shear or high loading.
  4. To top up, simply add. Because FAHRENHEITTM Bearing Gel delivers extended service life (up to 10 times longer than conventional greases), adjust lubrication schedule to benefit from this important product feature.
  5. Use recommended NLGI viscosity grade. NLGI viscosity grade numbers 1 and 2 are standard; other viscosity grades are available on special orders. For use through automated lubrication systems, use NLGI No. 1. Consult Kem-A-TrixTM or distributor.


Drop point ASTM D-2265 None Odor None
Timken OK Load
ASTM D-2059 lb., min.
60+ Thickener Synthetic
Corrosion protection
ASTM D-1743
Pass Fillers Synthetic
Underwater adhesion
ASTM D-2510
Pass Silicone None
Load wear index 51 Color Yellow &
shades of amber
RPM 3600 maximum Shelf life
(sealed, light-proof container)
> 10 years

"Economy Through Superior Quality"

Notice: All statements and specifications in this brochure are based on analytical tests and service experience. Because of the variety of applications and equipment used along with the unpredictability of equipment conditions and human factor involved in the use of this product, Kem-A-TrixTM (Lubricants) Inc. makes no warranties expressed or implied that the product or products described are guaranteed for any length of time, any measure of service or for any specific purpose. The buyer should ascertain proper suitability, preparation and technique of use for the buyer's application or applications. Kem-A-Trix's only warranty is that its products conform with written specifications and are free from defects under normal usage. Kem-A-TrixTM disclaims warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular use or purpose.